Monday, October 12, 2009

we pitch our tent indoors...

July is almost gone, and soon August will be here. August means goodbye to several of my close friends whose time it is to go home.

Daina and I were all set to go camping on Friday night, but when it came time to go, we decided to be lazy and stay home instead. We had bought a tent at Walmart, and thought that we had to pitch it, just because. We set it up in my room, (it fit perfectly) and set the camp chairs out in the hallway. Using colored paper, we made our own campfire and read scary stories by flashlight. It was the best camping trip I have ever been on, no bug bites!

Two Moons, who lives down the hall, decided to barbecue on Saturday night, which sparked a bonfire on the volleyball court. Everybody came after work to roast marshmallows and warm themselves by the fire. Sunday night, we all went to the pub for salsa night. I played cornhole with Richard and lost.

Getting my oil changed is an adventure around here, I learned that on Monday on a trip to Cody. Nobody drives German cars in Wyoming, because they didn’t have a filter for my car. Also, my hubcap was stolen in Bozeman while I was in Target. My car has gotten a lot of abuse lately.

This morning, Carrie and I made the trek to Fishing Bridge. We walked along the shoreline of the lake and spotted an elk and some bison. The water was calm, and the geese and pelicans were swimming. The sun shone low over the Absaroka mountain range. It was just the perfect morning. Tomorrow Daina, myself and a few others are camping on Shadow Mountain for real this time. On Saturday we plan on making it to Chico Hot Springs to go swimming.

Miss ya!


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