Monday, October 12, 2009

three weeks...

saturday will mark the three week anniversary of my stay in yellowstone.

it's been crazy busy with work and sightseeing, plus i haven't been able to log into to facebook. so here's an update, a few days late.

i worked seven days straight, dinner then breakfast shifts. the work is easy and fun, and i meet so many people from all over the world. i've met a few people from rochester, and a gentleman who went to rit back in the day.

memorial day i went hiking with a bunch of people to mystic falls. it was supposed to be a 16 mile hike, but after hiking 4 miles uphill in the swamp and 3 feet of snow, we decided to call it a day. i aquired a nice sunburn on one half of my face and some on my neck.

yesterday was another day off, an i went exploring with my friends maggie and laura. we went to mammoth hot springs and walked around the boardwalks for a few hours. then we went to the pub to say goodbye to a few friends who are already sick of yellowstone.

today should have been laundry day, but i am much too lazy. saturday, a buch of us are going to cody to go to walmart, then out to dinner for some real food. maybe a rodeo too!

i'll write more later, as i am on a borrowed computer. love and miss you all!


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