Monday, October 12, 2009

dear jen...

I just received the best card from Jen, asking me what was going on in my life. I've been lax in keeping y'all updated. I apologize, and here is the update that's been a long time coming.

At the end of July, Xanterra gave an employee appreciation event for the whole park. It started with a steak dinner in the EDR that was served by our managers, and ended with a Wolf Night dance (basically Halloween in July). I had met two guys in the sunroom the night before, Todd and Chad, and invited them to the dance because they were bored and needed something to do at night. We had a good time.

This month I have hiked Avalanche Peak, Mt. Washburn, Pelican Valley and a few shorter day hikes to Riddle Lake and the canyon. I also attempted to hike Pine Creek (which is actually a mountain trail) but Megan and I decided to call it quits halfway up and go to Chico Hot Springs to visit our friends Jordan and Brandon, who were fired from Yellowstone.

I have been making many trips to Bozeman to take friends to the airport. Daina, Charlie and Megan all left this past month. It has been sad to see them go, and many more will be leaving soon for school, but I still have alot of friends who will remain until the begining of October, like me.

While working in the sunroom one night, I met James and Iain, two bristish blokes who are travelling through the US from August to December. They had met some amazing people and had some crazy stories to tell. They stayed two nights and we had a great time hiking Elephant Back at midnight and hanging out at the lodge. They were travelling with very little money, and living on the hospitality of others, and I think that's making for a better trip.

We have discovered that Jackson Hole Whitewater gives trips to Yellowstone employees for free, so that is our new weekend activity. We have been twice just in the past week, and plan to go again this Friday. I think everybody must whitewater raft before they die, it is too fun! I haven't fallen out yet, but Megan, who can't swim, fell out at the Big Kahuna, which is where they take your picture. We purchased the picture of Megan in mid air, for memories sake.

My cousins MIke and Gena, where in Jackson Hole for a conference, and I had a wonderful lunch with them. It was great to see famaliar faces this far from home.

Daina and I went to the International Dance festival in Rexburg, Idaho (not really a fan of Idaho) and we had a great time. There was a parade with dancers from many countries and at night a DJ played music so we could all dance in the street. Daina and I got henna on our hands, and camped on the way back to the park.

Yesterday, the park celebrated Christmas in August, a tradition started by guests who were stranded at Old Faithful during a snowstorm on August 25. They thought the date appropriate, and decorated a tree and sang carols. This is still done today, and Santa and Mrs Claus made an appearance. Catherine the piano player played carols most of the night, which drove me and my co-workers crazy.

The buffalo are in their rut season, and are making the worst noises in search of their mates. We now have a whole herd that moved in yesterday, and will not shut up. I won't walk to work because they are everywhere, and really scary.

Work is going great, and with so many people leaving, I will be working more and more hours, but I knew this was going to happen, so I don't mind.

I plan on returning home in early October for a few short weeks, then coming out to Colorado to work at a ski resort for the winter. I've applied at Copper Mountain, Winter Park, Steamboat Springs and Aspen/Snowmass. I'll keep you posted as to which one I decide on!

Love and miss you all, and can't wait to be home in October!


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