Monday, October 12, 2009

away we go...

I’ve been told the weather here is better then what I’ve left behind. It’s been in the seventies and sunny for the past two weeks. We’ve had a few summer storms with power-outages and white caps on the lake. The rainbows that follow console us and remind us that there is beauty in the aftermath.

This past week has been one of my favorites of the season so far. My dearest friends Jen, Rach and Michelle came to visit me one the first leg of their cross country road trip. They arrived late on Tuesday night and slept on my tiny dorm room floor. Wednesday I took them to Jackson, my favorite little town just past the Tetons. We shopped and tried on cowboy boots, then ate Mexican food at the Merry Pigs. I took them to the shootout, and afterwards a character asked Michelle for her number. I think I embarrassed him when I laughed too hard as we were walking away.

Thursday I showed them around the park, we went to Old Faithful and Grand Prismatic Spring. I had to work later that night, so my friend Daina took them to Artist Point and buffalo watching. We then hit the pub for some pizza and salsa dancing. They left Friday to drive 13 hours to visit Nick in Washington.

Friday Daina, Carrie and I drove six hours to Missoula which is in the western part of Montana. We attempted to camp, and found a perfect spot by a little creek with a sandy beach. We left to get supplies and returned around 11 pm, only to find the campsite locked with our tent inside. After a run in with the caretaker, we packed up our tent and left. We ended up at a Courtyard with comfy beds and TV, which was much nicer then camping with the mosquitos.

We spent Saturday shopping and enjoying civilization. We saw Transformers 2 and explored the University of Montana campus. We sped home Sunday to get there in time for work, driving through the Gallatin Mountains.

The past few days me friends and I have been on a Lord of the Rings kick, watching them right before work and after, too. Tommorow Daina, Dara and I are going into Cody to catch Harry Potter and to get some real coffee.

That’s all from here, time is moving so fast, but having a blast.


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