Monday, October 12, 2009

junebugs to july flies...

Hello y’all!

Can’t believe it’s July already. Time is like a mosquito that does not want to be caught between my hands. We have a lot of them out here, mosquitos, that is, and they really like me. I am covered in bites, that is my own fault because I have yet to buy deet.

On a sad note, Cory, the friend I asked you to pray for, passed away on Wednesday, his 22nd birthday. A celebration of life was held in the pub for all the employees. Please keep his family and friends in your prayers.

My friends and I have been up to the usual things, hiking and rowing and exploring the park. Friday a few of us returned to Moose Falls to catch some rays. The water was really warm due to the thermal features at the top of the falls. Later that night, a few of the girls and I had a movie night. It was the first time I had popcorn since leaving home.

I spent the Fourth of July in Jackson with a big group of friends. We carpooled down through the Tetons and shopped and attended the Jackson Hole Music Festival. The local shot-out was amped up for the holiday, it featured a bare-back shooter and audience participation. My friend Carrie and I attended the rodeo. We then met up with everybody for the fireworks, which were the best I’ve ever seen. We finished the night with McDonalds, because most of us haven’t been in a few months, and TV, which we haven’t seen in a few months. It was heaven.

Daina and I walked to church on Sunday morning, and it was great to attend a service again with live music. We then met up with everybody else to eat breakfast at the Bunnery, which is famous in Jackson for the best breaskfast in town.

On Monday, Daina, Victor and I hiked Natural Bridge, a nice three mile hike that ends at a waterfall covered by a natural rock bridge. The mosquitos got me good. We took tons of pictures, I’m getting really good at using the self-timer and getting my face in the picture before it goes off.

Tomorrow, Jen, Rachel and Michelle arrive to spend a few days with me!!! I cannot wait! I have awaited their arrival for so long. It will be great to see friendly faces from home again.

Love and miss you all!


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