Monday, October 12, 2009

we hike and hike some more...

Another fun week has flown by. We had a few days of sun, but it’s been mostly wet, wet, wet.

Tuesday a few friends and I climbed Elephant Back trail for the first time. The guide book said it was an easy 2 mile hike with “sweeping views of the lake”. They were right about the sweeping views, but the hike was not easy. I would say moderate to strenuous sounds right. We took a well deserved break at the top, and gazed at the lake and the hotel, which looked like a dollhouse. On the way down I fell and hurt my knee. I blame it on my weak ankles.

Wednesday was my good friend Carrie’s birthday. We went to the marina, and hit the open water with a row boat. It’s been awhile since I rowed a boat. I couldn’t get away from the dock, and everybody was shouting at me to pull. I couldn’t row because I was laughing too hard. Daina had to take over for me. We finally made it out to the lake and just drifted. It was so nice and relaxing, not having to think about work.

Before work on Thursday, a few of us hiked to Storm Point and soaked up the sun on the big rocky shore. The sun decided to grace me with a massive sun burn that didn’t hurt until the next day. I started my new job cocktailing on Thursday. Christine, another good friend, was my trainer. The string quartet started playing that night as well, which made us quite busy. I enjoy the job, it’s not hard, and I get to meet so many nice people. Plus I get to listen to the musicians all night.

Friday was my second night of training, we were a bit slower than the night before, but I still had a good time. That night after work we went to the lodge for some drinks and sat on the front porch sipping and talking with a few co-workers. On the way back to the car, we stopped to star gaze. I have never seen the stars brighter than they were that night! And so many of them! The milkyway was also very obvious.

Saturday was my only day off this week, so Daina and I went hiking on the Lava Creek trail, which is 7 miles round trip. We didn’t park at the trailhead, so the hike down to the trail added another mile. Halfway up the trail it decided to rain, and rained on and off until we reached Undine Falls. We parked ourselves at the top and made some phone calls, because we had service. On the trek back, the rain started to fall in buckets, drenching us and the trail, which turned into a muddy mess. All we could think about was dinner, which was waiting for us at the top of a huge hill. I have never felt so exhausted in my life. My legs were screaming at me in the end.

Today is Sunday, which means a day of rest, but for me rest means church, then cleaning my room and doing laundry. Tonight is my first solo cocktail shift, but I’m really looking forward to it. Miss and love you all!


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