Monday, October 12, 2009

back home, sweet home...

it's been months since i've written, and with good reason, i had no computer and internet was scarce.

i posted the updates i sent to my friends and family on facebook, to complete the story of my adventures in the great state of wyoming.

i am currently home, collecting unemployment until my next job begins. november 16, i will start work at copper mountain ski resort in colorado. i have no idea what i will be doing, but i will be there with my friends jordan and kellen, and cannot wait to meet more awesome people.

yellowstone taught me alot about myself, how i need christian friends around to support and encourage me. how i need a church body of some sort to lean on. how i can survive on very little possesions, as long as i have great people to talk with and hike with. how you don't need to go out to dinner or coffee to have a great conversation with somebody. how church can be just me, god and the bible. how beautiful god's creation really is, and how we can preserve it and make it last. how out of shape i am, and how much i really like hiking. i learned alot this summer, and some of my world views have changed. god has shown me that love is not currency that you give away, expecting something in return. how withholding love from someone can hurt everybody around you.

i completely stepped out of my comfort zone and did things i never thought myself capable of. i tried things i would have never done before. i think it has made me into a better peson, and will continue to make me a better person.

i hope this next adventure will be better than the last, and that i will continue to grow. i pray that god will bring more wonderful people into my life, that i become braver and bolder. that i try new things, and that i won't let fear keep me where i don't want to be.


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