Monday, October 12, 2009

snow and other happenings...

greetings from the land of the summer snow. yesterday it snowed 5 inches. in june. the 7th of june. the good news is it all melted by 5 pm. the bad news is it's snowing again. oh well. it could be worse.

this past week has been great, becca came to visit me on friday, stayed through saturday, and will be back on tuesday. it's been awesome seeing a friendly face from home! it makes me miss everyone so much more!

we spent friday in jackson, which is the coolest western town you will ever see. we stopped at mcdonalds for my first time in a month. then we drove to Idaho, just to say we were there. on the drive back to yellowstone through the tetons, we talked about God and life. it was great being able to fellowship with another christian again.

Saturday was spent roaming around the old faithful area. we missed the first eruption, so we had bible study in the inn. while having bible study, we missed the second eruption. so we decided to take a walk around the upper geyser basin and catch the third eruption, which we caught just in time. after lunch/dinner, we made the short hike up to mystic falls, which is my favorite hike so far.

Becca will be back on Tuesday, just in time for the disco at the pub! I doubt anybody will be totally decked out (who brings their disco gear to yellowstone?) but it should be tons of fun.

I had my interview for cocktail server today, and was informed two hours later that I got the job! I will still be a host for three days a week, and cocktailing 2 or 3 days. It will be nice to have more guest interaction and time to listen to the pianist and string quartet that palys in the sunroom. I'll get tips too! Mostly it will be a nice break in the routine.

Today I met a lady who is retracing the steps of her great aunt, who traveled to Yellowstone from Laramie WY. In 1906, the trip took 4 months. Today, it takes one week. This woman has her aunt’s diary to guide her. If anybody retraced my journey out west, they would have to stop at marriott and long john silvers.

missing you all, but it's great out here, you should visit!


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