Monday, October 12, 2009

first week/first park...

so i was trying to write an update on wednesday for everybody, but the power went out just before i could publish it.

i arrived at the park on saturday morning, around 7 am. checked in at Gardiner, which is just outside of the park. drove into the park for orientation, and saw my first ever buffalo, followed by my 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th. they are HUGE! and all over. they really like to walk on the road and cause "bison jams". i have been in 2 bison jams so far.

after orientation, i drove down to lake to sign in and meet my roomate, whose name is Dara. she's really nice, she completely surprised me today when she told me she really likes having me for a roomate. it was really sweet and unexpected. we get along really well, and like the same music and movies. our room is really small, but comfortable. we are in osprey, which is the over 21 dorm. sometimes it gets really crazy, but i have found a few people to don't like to get drunk at night, and we hang out and watch movies or play cards.

this past weeek we have been stuck in training, preparing for the grand opening of the hotel, which was supposed to be today. my job as host seems easy enough, and i like my coworkers alot. there's this one old lady named harriett who has worked here for 28 seasons and kows everything about the park. she is so sweet, and has the best sense of humor. the lake hotel is the oldest hotel in the park, and we have alot of standards to uphold. our uniform is a white shirt, black tie and cumberbund and ugly black pleated pants. it's not the worst (if you have seen my disney oufit) and i don't mind it except for the pants.

the food here is really bad, so i have been eating alot of salad. it takes alot of courage for me to go to the dining room when my roomate cannot go with me, but i have yet to eat alone, for i always meet somebody who invites me to sit with them. i meet about 5 new people everyday.

the power went out on wednesday, due to high winds. we had to be emergency evacuated to a different location for heat and electricity. we were put up in a hotel, which was kinda nice. the power was off for 3 days, so we spent 2 nights in the hotel. they shuttled us back ad forth by bus.

on the way back to our "home" we saw a grizzly bear just off the side of the road. it was my first ever sighting, and it made me happy for the rest of the day. due to the power outage the hotel is delayed for opening til tomorrow. i however have until monday off.

communication is really hard here, i have no computer and am at the mercy of my roomate who lets me borrow hers. we also have no cell phone service, so i have to drive 10 miles away to make calls and send texts. so if you don't here from me, don't be offended. it's not you. in my down time i usually read, watch movies or take a walk around part of the lake and pray. i plan on tomorrow taking my bible to the dock and enjoying the nice weather (45 degrees tomorrow!!!)

i went with my roomate and a few friends to cody, which is an hour and a half away. we went to walmart and subway for some real food. the drive was amazing, wyoming is so pretty. i then walked to the post office to sign up for mail, and picked up a package from my mom. she sent me some snack bars and cheese mix and carrots, of course.

this is getting long winded, so i'll wrap it up. i miss you all, but i'm having a blast! hopefully, i'll get some pictures of artist point put up tomorrow after i visit!


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