Monday, October 12, 2009

uno crazy week...

Another busy week has gone by, can’t believe it’s been a month already!

Becca’s visit was a helpful in curing homesickness. I had so much fun showing her my summer home. As soon as she came back from her visit with friends in Montana, we set off to hike Storm Point with Christina and Megan. We had a great time teasing the marmots and playing on the rocky cliff overlooking Lake Yellowstone. It’s our new favorite spot, and we have vowed to return for sunbathing and reading. On the return trek, we found bear tracks in the sand. Don’t worry, Mom, we just saw the tracks, not the bear.

Wednesday, Becca and I went to Lamar Valley, and on the drive there we saw one black bear and one grizzly bear. The grizzly was just sitting there, staring at all the tourists snapping away at their fancy cameras. I think he thought us a bit ridiculous and amusing, and sauntered off in search of something less humorous. Lamar Valley was beautiful, the sun was shinning and there were plenty of buffalo grazing. After driving back through the valley we stopped for lunch at Roosevelt Lodge. While waiting for a table, we sat by the fireplace reading Death in Yellowstone, and scared ourselves with tales of buffalo goring tourists and idiots jumping into geysers.

That evening, we got all dolled up and hit the pub for the disco, which was in full swing by the time we got there. We only stayed for a half an hour, but Becca had plenty of time to show off her “shopping cart” and “lawn mower”.

I had training for my new position on Thursday, but after that Becca and my friends Daina and Emily joined us for a few hikes. First we hiked .5 miles to Wraith Falls, then unsuccessfully tried to find the trail to Lava Creek. It was a beautiful attempt. We then hiked a short distance up Beaver Ponds trail, but after going only a mile, decided to call it a day. The hour drive back home was very interesting, we talked about God, church and life in general. It has become one of my favorite car rides.

I had to return Becca to the Jackson Hole Airport Friday morning. My roommate Dara came with us, and after leaving Becca we went into Jackson for breakfast. Jackson has quickly become my favorite little western town, complete with stagecoach rides and a five o’clock shoot out everyday. I purchased a cowboy hat, it will be needed for the rodeo in Cody in a few weeks time.

Yesterday marked the return to civilization, Bozeman, Montana! Daina, Dara and I stopped at the mall, then saw Up, which is the cutest movie I’ve seen in a long time. I recommend everybody see it. On the drive back I was struck again by the beauty that is the west. Everything is so big and awesome, you really have to see it in person to understand it.

Now for the good news, I found a church! It meets in the sunroom of the hotel and is run by a Christian organization in Yellowstone. Daina and I went to the second service today, and although it was very brief, it was still good to fellowship with other believers, if even for a short time.

Time to check my laundry. I start training this week for cocktailing, which seems to be a very easy job. Keep me in your prayers, I’m trying to be a great witness to my roommate. I’ve been sending tons of postcards lately, if you haven’t received one, I don’t have your address, so post it here for me.

Love and miss you all!


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