Monday, February 9, 2009

strawberry ice cream and blessings

i bought strawberry ice cream last night...and left it at the girls house.

bad move.

i had a craving for strawberry ice cream last night right before bed, and there was no way i could satisfy it. it was very agonizing.

i hate when i do that...

i have decided to challenge myself by taking one picture everyday. it's doesn't have to be of something special, it just has to be one picture. one picture per day for a year.

also, i have to write a list of my goals i want to accomplish this year

i have alot on my to-do list, maybe i should start on it.

the other day, in church, we talk about the sabbath year. the sabbath year happened when farmers in the old testament took every seventh year off-no crops were planted, no fields harvested. all work ceased for one whole year. the farmers would have to work extra hard during the sixth year, to ensure that they would have enough to last the next three years.

God promised the farmers they if they obeyed this, he would bless them. nobody did.

not one person decided to test God on his offer, nobody received any blessings.

i think that is sad. but then, i do that in my own life. God has promised me so many things, but how often do i let him bless me?


  1. Sarah said...
    you should try taking a picture everyday of a certain thing, whether it be a sign, a person, a can of soup, etc.

    that way it gives you more of a challenge to be creative.
    Tom said...
    How's that one picture a day thing going?

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