Tuesday, February 10, 2009

quiet time

it's 8:08 am, and i have the place all to myself

this is my favorite time of day. it's so quiet and peaceful and right now, i don't answer to anybody.

i make myself a cup of coffee, lots of cream, and check emails and facebook, then i read everybody's blog. if i'm bored i check cnn, but that's only if i'm bored.

last night at bible study we talked about how God designed each of us differently, how we are each made for a purpose. i think that's cool. the world is all "you are a spontaneous combustion of particles" and God is all "i formed you, knit you together, i knew you inside and out before you even existed". i think that is most amazing thing i have ever heard. i am not some haphazard cells bunched together, i am knit, woven together. intricately designed by a designer who knows every part of me.

it's pretty sweet

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  1. Lilith said...
    i agree... it is pretty sweet.
    especially the part where you have the house to yourself.

    that's also my favorite time of the day...
    in the summer, the time of the day is extremely nice, because then you could set yourself on the front porch and just read and sip coffee.

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