Monday, February 2, 2009

it's monday.

i don't mind mondays that much. they tend to end pretty well. it's hard to get going.

my favorite part of monday is girls bible study. there are six/eight of us who meet every monday night for food and worship and occasionally we study the bible and share what God is doing in our lives.

we tried a study book, and that seemed to be working, but then we studied the book of esther using one of those devotional study guides, and that was pretty bad. some people should not be allowed to write bible studies.

in december our focus was on service, and we did ok with that. although the scarf i crocheted for the homeless is still not done yet.

we have great intentions, but we lag in the follow through.

next week, we will be reading cure for the common life, by max lucado. it's a great book, and it's something i think we all need right now. it's all about discovering what you like to do, then doing it. max says that God created each one of us with specific talents, gifts, abilities, and we should be using our abilities for God. if we do what we were created to do, we will enjoy it. we should like what we do, and do what we like to do.

now the hard part: finding out what God created me to do, and then find a way to do it...


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