Tuesday, February 3, 2009

oil change...

i drive a brand spanking new volkswagen rabbit. i love it! that little thing is so zippy, i zig and zag through traffic. it's a stick shift, too, so i feel a little bit like mario andretti.

between driving to new york city twice, not to mention montreal, all in the past month, i have put a few miles on the car. which means i need an oil change, badly.

i'm not very good at maintenance, such as keeping my car clean, refilling the washer fluid, oil changes, even getting gas. i put everything off, then it piles up, until it's too big to deal with. i avoid the mess/lack of fluid like the plague. when i am forced to do something about it, i feel like a load have been lifted off my shoulders.

it's kind of like my relationship with God, i will let everything build up. i won't read my bible for weeks, i won't pray for others, i won't even think about God.

if i just took the time to maintain my relationship with him, i wouldn't get that build up . if i took the time to focus on Him, even for fifteen minutes a day, i wouldn't get that build up. i wouldn't need that six months clean up, when all the trash is disposed off, and my floor mats are vacuumed. i need to daily take the trash out. daily vacuum my floor mats, metaphorically speaking.

just a thought. now i need a coupon for an oil change...


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