Thursday, February 12, 2009

bright colors...

yesterday i wore a bright pink skirt with blue and yellow flowers and a yellow vest.

why should you care? you ask...

i don't know why you should care, but it made a difference to my day.

the day started out sunny and bright. i woke feeling refreshed and cheered as the day wore on, rain started to pour, wind started to blow and sleepiness settled into my bones. it almost ruined me day, almost. but then i remembered i was wearing pink, and the day didn't seem so dreary.

the spa i work at is redecorating, and there are a million (literally, a million) paint samples all over the place. every color imaginable is in consideration for the honor of being on our walls. blues, greens, yellows, every shade is in the running.

i look at these colors and think, God is so cool. no really, he's cool. he came up with all these colors. God is the ultimate interior (and exterior) decorator. he created waters in every hue of blue, tropical rainforests are a vibrant green. flowers so bright and magnificent in various purples and pinks. God created everything, yet he took the time to make it beautiful. if that isn't attention to detail, i don't know what is...


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