Saturday, February 14, 2009


hastily bought gifts, limp leftover roses, candy hearts with implying messages...oh yes, it's valentines day. the time of year when romance abounds and going out to dinner is impossible (unless you go to IHOP).

i'm not bitter, really i'm not. i like the concept of valentines day. i consider myself a very romantic person. i love displays of affection, romantic comedies are my favorite movies. i love great proposal stories. weddings, i love every aspect of weddings.

but valentines day, i do not get valentines day. one day out of 365 to tell your loved one you love them? what a gimmick.

one day to make singles more aware of their situation?
thats cruel.

what if every three to four months, couples had their own valentine days? we could call them "me lovee you" days and flowers would not be expected because they were given freely on a wednesday for no apparent reason.

no material goods would be needed to prove your devotion to someone. picnics would be random and happen indoors or out, despite of the weather. handwritten notes appear magically on pillows and breakfast is served in bed, at eleven at night or during the middle of the day.

spontaneous dancing (preferably a waltz, but anything goes) could happen with or with music.

only in a perfect world, i guess...


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