Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 random things

i love these things,

1: I am terrified of heights

2: I have to read something, anything, before I fall asleep
3: I am the neatest person at work, yet my room is the messiest place on earth
4: I usually get up during the middle of movies and go to sleep, and never tell people goodnight
5: I have conversations with myself in the shower
6: I can't swim with my eyes open underwater
7: I hate green food
8: I have been to Australia, but never to Washington DC
9: I like to cook, but only when the mood strikes me, and that's never very often
10: I like to speed, and don't understand 30 mph speed limits
11: I'm taking Bollywood dance classes to prepare for my birthday party
12: I have always wanted to be a blonde
13: I have always wanted to go to Africa, but I know I won't like the food
14: I hate working a regular 9 to 5 job, and I hope there is more to life than this
15: I am trying to pray more for others this year, and so far, I'm doing pretty bad
16: Sometimes I eat a whole bag of chips in one sitting
17: I wish I had the motivation to excercise
18: I really like the taste of Slimfast
19: I wish I could take better pictures
20: Sometimes I am afraid to do what I really want to do
21: I just started blogging, and I'm not very good at it
22: I wish life was like a Coke commercial
23: I have always wanted to break out into song and dance with the people around me
24: I am painfully shy with strangers
25: Sometimes, for no reason at all, my face will turn bright red, usually at the most awkward times


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