Monday, January 26, 2009


yesterday i drove my friend becca to the airport. she will be in kenya for four months. on the way to jfk, we listened to a few sermons, seeing as it was the lord's day. one of the sermons was on money, soething i struggle with quite a bit.

the preacher was saying that the bible puts alot of emphasis on money, so it must be very important to God. i always thought that when someone talked about money in a church setting, that they wanted us to donate it to the church. i never really thought of my money's as being God's, because that's what it is.

this speaker also said that when we are given a gift and we don't share it with the one that gave it to us, we are being extremely selfish. why can't we give just a small portion of that gift back to the giver? why do we find it so hard to part with are money when God gave it to us, and he can take it back anytime?

it'a all about the attitude. it's my money, it belongs to me, right?

not so. it's God's money, and he wants me to willingly give it back to him.


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