Wednesday, January 28, 2009

sun and sand and bare feet

i have a severe case of the winter blues.

it's pretty bad

today i felt like crying when my car got stuck for the millionth time this calender year.

winter is hard. you have to dress in layers, wear boots, hats, scarves. gloves are mandatory. snow piles on top of you car, and it must be scraped off, if you can make it through the snow drifts at all. it's cold, sometimes so cold it hurts.

summer, on the other hand, is very easy. you can dress in the barest minimum amount of clothing. shoes are optional. the sun soaks into your skin. you can get into you car and it will be comfortable, you can even rool those windows down.

i wouldn't appreciate summer so much if we didn't have winter. i'm starting to see that God throws us challenges to open our eyes to the blessings in life. we can't have summer all the time, it has to get cold so we can enjoy the warmth.

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  1. Sarah said...
    I'm following you :)

    But no summer is like when you lose your favorite shirt, and cannot find it for a while. And life is sad and disappointing for a time, because no other shirt is sufficient to fill the void.
    But then it shows up magically, and for the rest of the day, you are having a wonderful day, because you found your awesome shirt.

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