Friday, January 30, 2009

what can you do?

since nobody follows this blog accept sarah (you're awesome), i am going to vent today. normally, i hate venters. i think people should suck it up , and get on with it. but all that pent up frustration just builds and builds, and thats not very healthy. especially if it's directed at just one person.

this one person meant alot to me a few years back. we were very close, and it hurt when we were no longer together. i went through a time of horrible pain and i never want to go through that again. looking back it was a good decision to go our separate ways, and i am thankful that God worked everything for good, he is so crafty that way...

needless to say, my feelings for said person are completely neutral, but i still have little flares ups of anger that surprise me. sometimes they are so strong, i wonder where it comes from. i know it's a problem with forgiveness, but i feel i have forgiven, then why do i still feel this way?

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  1. Sarah said...
    haha, now you're following me! and we can be each others stalker.

    but I have the same feelings for said person whom will not be mentioned, and it sucks.

    I can't say that its because we haven't truly forgiven someone that we still get those feelings, but possibly that a person may not have fully healed from the events and things that have caused bitterness towards that person.

    or that scars that we haven't looked at in a while have resurfaced or become evident again, and you remember why and how they came into being.

    idk, i just threw that out there.

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