Friday, February 19, 2010

weekend update...

it has come to my attention that i have not been keeping this updated as much as i should (thank you, rachie). i have decided to remedy that and try to write everyday, if not every other day. even if i don't have much to say. i'm going to go with bullet points for this post. you have been warned.

-the best news of the day, week, maybe even month, i got the job in alaska! go me. i start may 10, with cpr and deckhand training. my roommate sarah also got a job with the same company, so we may be roommates in ak, as well. i can't contain my excitement, and i'm ready for this winter to be over so i can drive through canada with both my parents to the final frontier.

-2nd best news of the day, court is a roc city roller girl! she made the derby team!! i knew she could do it! i'm so proud! she was so worried she wouldn't get in, silly girl. the sad news is i won't be able to see a bout until i return to ny in the fall :( much sadness.

-caught the olympic opening ceremonies at a friends house while baking for the ski patrol bake sale. we made cookies, brownies, cupcakes and other sweet things. much frosting was consumed that night. we had a great time talking about work and laughing at wayne gretzky's face when the fourth pillar would not come out of the floor. youtube it, it is hysterical.

-work is good, we were busy last week due to presidents weekend, we saw over 600 kids pass through ski and ride school. they are planning a potlock for us resort services workers, and i volunteered to bring the arnold palmer (of course). should be fun and tasty.

-3rd best news of the day, a strange man, a chef from the cafeteria, brought me three beef brisket sandwiches today, completely out of the blue. it was a nice and delicous surprise!

- my goals aren't going so well, i lack motivation to see them through. if you think about it, pray that i will try to practice my goals, i need all the help i can get.

-i've been reading the book of daniel lately, and it's been teaching me alot about trust. trust in god, mostly, to by my provider, supplier, father and many other things. deep down i know that he is, but i don't believe it myself sometimes. my bible reading has been going well lately, i read 1-2 chapters a day.

-missalaeneous(?) car is fixed and beautiful, he looks brand new! they even fixed the sunglass holder jen broke while she was visiting me in yellowstone! there was a boy playing his portable keyboard in the lobby a few weeks ago, he played some beatles and lion king. he wasn't too bad. i think i'm getting a cold/flu. my nose has been running the past few days, and i feel a fever coming on. this is a good time to be sick, as my weekend is coming up, so i won't miss to much work, and there is good tv on this week.

thats about it. goodnight.


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