Friday, February 19, 2010

me again...

by the by...

i updated my look, whadya think? i've added a few links to my employers, in case you want to see where i work/will be working.

i was thinking about my future today, as i do everyday, because it's vast and strange and a complete mystery to me. when i was little, i used to think it'd be cool to know my life before hand, you know, so i could plan things. like looking pretty the first time i meet my mate, or the wittiest thing to say in tough situations. plus there is a peace in knowing, a security, if you will. i don't think that now, turning 23 in a month ( i like the color green and shiny things and birds) i would like to know my future. but a few hints would be appreciated. i don't want to know specifics, like my significant others name, or even if he's cute. i just want to know if i will be comfortable financially, have my own place, married or single (shudder), if i have a good job, if my family is all good and well. just a few morsels of assurance.

i guess this is where the trust thing comes in. trusting god to provide me the lifestyle i want, need, crave. following and trusting in him to be the great supplier. the lord shall supply all of my needs, isn't that how the song goes. maybe i should sing it daily.


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