Thursday, February 25, 2010

thursdays at the beach...

I'm stuck in Mountain Beach today. Mountain Beach is a store here at Copper Mountain. It's primary stock is hip, colorful ski clothing and bathing suits. Bathing suits, you ask. Yes, bathing suits, costumes, swim sets, however you please. They are for the hot tubs. Copper has a plethora (new favorite word) of hot tubs. All prime real estate comes with a hot tub, and if it doesn't, why would you want it?

Mountain Beach is a nice way to spend your day. You don't have to report to work until 11 am, so one can sleep in. There is a giant flat screen equipped with a dvd player, so one can watch movies all day, if that is your desire. There is also an Ipod hook-up, so you can blast MGMT from the speakers and dance if there are no customers. Which is usaully the case, you may get the odd person walk in, take one look around, and walk right back out. Nobody stays for long, and rarely buys anything. Our merchandise is too overpriced and to young for our usual crowd.

It's good to be schedueled at Mountain Beach. You get paid to read, listen to music and watch movies. It's like another off day, only you get compensated for it. Heaven forbid, you finish your book before the end of your shift, or you only bing two movies. One had better have a back up plan, such as a back-up book, or a magazine. If you get really bored, and this is only a last minute resort, you can try on clothing, or sunglasses. Or count the guests in the flourescent ski gear as they pass by your window. But only in extreme cases should you try this.

Ta ta for now...3 people just walked in!...and walked right out...oh well.


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