Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mission Field

I finished the movie Australia last night, and it made me want to go back. Back to when I spent a month there on a missions trip. I had an amazing time, and I am so very thankful that God allowed me to go, even though my heart wasn't in the right place. I wasn't going because God had told me too, I didn't even pray about it. I was going because I didn't want to be left out, and it was Australia! Then I met the people, who were all amazing. Australians have a way of making you relaxed as soon as you come into their presence. They shrug everything off their shoulders. I loved their "no worries" attitude.

God completely changed my heart about the whole trip, once I realized why we were truly there. Australia is not a poor nation in terms money, in that respect they are very wealthy. It's the fact that only 2% of the whole country attends any form of church. Not one of the kids who attended the VBS had ever heard of one before they came.

That made me think about helping people, not just those who need clothes, or food or shelter. But those whose hearts need saving just as badly as bodies. Jesus ministered to everyone, from tax collectors to rulers, humans who lives needed changing.

Then I think about my co-workers. They are my mission field. They aren't poor, hungry, or in need of shelter. But they need Jesus. I am with these ladies 40 hours a week. I only hope that my actions and words are a testimony of my faith. That when I speak, I am speaking the words of Christ, and that they will see Jesus in me.


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