Monday, March 23, 2009

long time, no write...

i'm 22! i feel older, wiser and prettier.

not really.

i feel like a little kid who really hasn't lived yet. like i'm 5 inches tall, tugging on the pants of a giant.

funny thing about milestones, once they've come and gone, you feel let down. all this hype leads up to...nothing. it's an abyss, a gaping hole. unless you make a big deal about them. like i do. i've come to realize that birthdays are what you make of them. if you sit in a dark corner and watch your birthday slink on by, you're not gonna enjoy it. throw yourself a party, because no one else will. nobody cares about your birthday as much as you do. i don't mean to be cynical, but thats the truth.

it's funny how different generations take my leaving. everybody who is older than me is encouraging it, saying that it will be a great experience, one i will regret not taking. all my friends who are my age are really discouraging it, or thats the impression i am getting. i think their motives are purely selfish, which i can understand. that fact i cannot stress enough is that i will be back. i'm only gone for a short time, and i know that time is going to fly by. God says to listen to wisdom, and i am not ignoring anybody's advice. but i am big on heeding my elders lately, you know, the whole live and learn thing.


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