Friday, December 4, 2009

-9 and smiling...

Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.
Ralph Waldo Emerson.

I made it to Colorado, and it is cold. The journey out here was not as exciting as my Yellowstone journey, but you cannot blame Iowa and Nebraska for being who they are. I'm very blessed to have a father that enjoys roadtrips almost as much as I do. He shared the driving, the bills and my excitement at starting over in a new place. It's a giant leap of faith, but well worth the risk.

Copper Mountain is a beautiful place. Nestled between the peaks of towering mountains and route 70, about an hour west of Denver, Copper is not quite big enough to be considered a town. But it has it's own post office, town center, and enough resturants and shops to keep me busy for a while. Not to mention a beautiful ski hill, that I get to ski for free.

My room is tiny, barely enough to fit all the clothes I brought with me, but it has a great view. No roomate yet, but I'm praying that God will give me the very best one. I completed training this afternoon, and now have a long weekend to explore my new home. I'm thinking a run down the mountain followed by a driving tour of the nearby town of Frisco.

Last night, the chapel here at Copper hosted an employee dinner. The spaghetti was delicious, and I made some new friends at my table. I'm returning to the chapel on Sunday for the community church service, and I'm excited to meet fellow christians here at Copper. I've made a few friends that attended training with me, but I'm still praying for God to bring me some really close friends.

Overall, I love my new surrondings, and I'm confident that God will bless my time here.

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  1. Rachel said...
    First of all, I disagree with Ralph in your quote. The natural world is already to overrun with mankind. I think we should stick to the trails that exist and leave nature the way it is. Enjoy it, be in it, etc, etc, but don't change it.
    Secondly, don't smile when its -9. That's just a bad idea. Your teeth will freeze. Not to mention your gums...
    But I'm glad everythings going well. I can't believe you've already been there a week! It feels like you just left here. Love ya!

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