Saturday, May 16, 2009

long time, no write...

i've been a little busy. this past week i have driven to wyoming, moved into my dorm and started my new job. it's been a heck a lot of change.

to say that yellowstone is beautiful is a vast understatement. i cannot describe the beauty i have encountered in just my first few minutes in the park. i was greeted by five enormus(?) bison, all grazing by the side of the road. a few miles further, i drove over a stunning waterfall tumbling down the mountain face.

i was assigned to work at the lake hotel, which is the oldest hotel in the park. when we arrived, sheets covered the stacked furniture in the lobby, and it smelled untouched. they put us to work, learning all the policies and safety procedures. the heat had yet to be turned on, so we would bundle ourselves in coats and scarves as we sat in the meager light of the sunroom.

the hotel itself is a sleeping giant. an old lady that groans as winter releases it grip and spring loosens her cramped muscles. she is yellow, and rests on the shore of lake yellowstone as if to say that she watches and guards over her lake. her floors creak, and are slanted in some hallways. a giant fireplace welcomes all who enter the grand pink lobby with it's wicker furniture. a grand piano stands majestic in the center of the room, begging to be played. once guest arrive, string quartets will serenade them with the tunes of old.

she is a cross between older lake resorts and the hotel from the shinning, spooky when uninhabited, and grand when used by those who return summer after summer.

we are told we are privileged to work here, that we should be honored to spend our summer in her shadows.


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