Wednesday, April 22, 2009


i recently added another hole to my face. my nose now sports a stud the sparkles in rainbow hue. my parents were adament about not going through with it. my mom said no, my dad said over his dead body.

i did it anyway.

not to spite, or show that i do my own thing. i didn't mean it as an act of defiance. i'm not a rebel.

it was a bonding experience. i went with my best friends, we did this together. my friend michelle has never had her ears pierced. that turned into my friend rachel wanting to get something pierced, i suggested the nose. we experimented with eye liner. drawing vaious spots on our faces we thought might be appropriate. it made for a fun game. we talked for weeks, building up the proper enthusiasum. between the desicion to go through with it and the actual event, i talked myself out of it too many times. i went back in forth; do it, don't do it, do it...

the day arrived, and i had decided i would go for support, not to participate. i went through the script i had rehearsed in my head. i can't afford it, or my job won't let me are two of the excuses i was sticking with. the whole ride there i sweated, wringing my hands together. i told the girls i couldn't go through with it, and gave them the speech. they protested, and loudly. meg even got mad. fine, i'll do it, was the ultimate answer.

during the wait to get pierced, i had to hold my head between my knees. i kept asking myself why i was doing this. we were led to the back room, and i was told to get up on the chair. he spent his time gathering his tools, and making sure everything was sterilized. that made me feel alittle better. he then snapped on his gloves, made a few noises, and before i could blink, i had a nose piercing. it didn't even hurt.

it looks very classy, that's what my mom said to me when she found out. my dad was silent. eventually he came around. after we read in church about issac's search for rebecca, and how the servant, who was sent to fetch her, gave her a nose ring...


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